Three Fates Project – Limited Edition with Bonus DVD

// February 8th, 2018 // Prog Rock
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Keith Emerson is realizing the projects of his dreams in a close collaboration with the Norwegian conductor Terje Mikkelsen and American guitarist Marc Bonilla. At long last it is possible to hear great works like ‘Tarkus’, ‘Endless Enigma Suite’ and ‘Abaddon’s Bolero’ with a four piece band and a full symphony orchestra! And Keith Emerson of course features as soloist on Moog and piano.

This release is the symphonic truth about the composer Keith Emerson, and a realization of the potential in his music. Three Fates Project is the impressive result of the collaboration between Emerson, Bonilla and Mikkelsen.

Emerson’s career, forming bands including The Nice and Emerson, Lake & Palmer, have established him as the icon within prog rock. He brought composers like Mussorgsky, Sibelius, Bach, Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky directly into rock music, keeping the doors between the genres wide open. This brought the classics to a big new audience in the 70s, but sadly such activity was generally frowned upon by the classical community. Today the tide has changed and Emerson the composer receives great praise and interest from all over the world. Guitar phenomenon Marc Bonilla leads the brilliant band and maestro Terje Mikkelsen really fires up the Munich Radio Orchestra in these luscious orchestrations.

‘Tarkus (concertante)’ is no doubt the main work on this release, a 20 minutes epic work. ‘The Endless Enigma Suite’ in symphonic colours is of course also here, plus a new moving piece called ‘After all of this’. Marc Bonilla also contributes with three very attractive pieces on this recording, in addition to two works with the unmistakable Emerson twist from his biggest source of inspiration: Aaron Copland and Alberto Ginastera. A limited first edition of the CD also includes an exclusive DVD from the whole project. Also a separate vinyl pressing is available under the title Three Fates Project – Tarkus (concertante).

Product Features

  • “Without doubt, I consider this to be the most important album since the ELP days” – Keith Emerson
  • Performed by Keith Emerson Band & The M√ľnchener Rundfunkorchester
  • Limited Edition with Exclusive DVD included
  • DVD contains “Making Of” video and interviews


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3 Responses to “Three Fates Project – Limited Edition with Bonus DVD”

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    Interesting presentation, though not as edgy as I was expecting… This is a masterpiece. The orchestra, while small(ish), packs a punch behind the mastery of Keith Emerson, Marc Bonilla and Terje Mikkelsen’s performances. This music isn’t performed in this manner to be listened to, it’s supposed to be felt. Indulge yourself with a little bit of the volume knob and you’ll see what I mean.I think this recording, the performance, shows the unique vision of Keith Emerson. He composed brilliantly and it surely shines here. I think that in 100…

  2. Mark Fleischmann says:

    Overlooked parts I really like Keith Emerson and was excited about this album coming out. I have listened to it several times and enjoy it, but I don’t think it is in the same class as the great orchestral works of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. It is a strong, highly classically influenced presentation, some being versions of classic ELP work, and is technically superb. But, I find myself not as no longer as excited about it as I expected. I always felt like the ELP work tended to bring orchestras into the world…

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