The Light Within, Ambient Music Mixes

// September 1st, 2017 // Ambient
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3 Responses to “The Light Within, Ambient Music Mixes”

  1. Kathy Parsons says:

    From MainlyPiano Greg Maroney has always been a very prolific composer, but since he retired from being a trauma nurse, the music just keeps flowing, taking him in several new directions. “The Light Within” is his third release in 2016 – a very rare occurrence for sure! All of Maroney’s previous recordings (this is his sixteenth solo album!) have been solo piano, but this one is an hour and thirteen minutes of ambient heaven. Using his digital keyboard to create blends of piano, strings, and voices, his…

  2. tomato-master says:

    Really like this music I really like this music. The pieces (throughout) are melodic and lyrical. There is definite movement. A better word might be a current that carries things forward to a kind of message. There is almost a circular quality that comes through as the arpeggios carry that current and swirl more and more to another related octave or another parallel. It is pleasing to identify bits and pieces of a theme that is revisited and elaborated on as the piece is developed and comes to its climax. There…

  3. linna says:

    Balm for the overactive brain