Pure Trance 6

// February 2nd, 2018 // 2 Comments » // EDM

Looking for cool and calm Trance’ This is where your search will stop! TRACK LISTING: 1. Con Spirito (original club mix) – Trium Se 2. Shine (Feedback mix) – CJ Stone 3. Classic Waves (original mix) – Final Sylas 4. Energizer Reworked (Dean & Danny K. remix) – Desperate Deejays 5. Believe (original mix) – Sunblind 6. Crossroads (original mix) – Rio Addicts 7. Near Me (ATN remix) – Matanka 8. You Will Understand (original mix) – F&W 9. Theme Song (Seashells remix) – Sandler 10. Hurricanes In Miami (original mix) – Oliva 11. Catch (Martin Roth mix) – Blank & Jones 12. North Pole (original mix) – Afterburn 13. Beautiful Child (Hiver & Hammer mix) – Madelyne 14. Hair Conditions (original mix) – Miami Outlets 15. Holding On To Nothing (Paul Van Dyk remix) – Agnelli & Nelson 16. Destination Sunrise (Tiesto Airport mix) – Balearic Bill 17. On My Mind (Ace Da Brain mix) – Pervading Call Two


Trance 100: 2017

// December 23rd, 2017 // 2 Comments » // EDM

It may only take a second for you to close your eyes and spread your arms wide open, but the moment that follows is one that will stay with you forever. Trance is the catalyst that makes it happen, so packed with emotion and drive that it can blow minds better than anything. Want proof? Here it is! With Trance 100 2017, you get a hundred tunes so unbelievably epic you won’t ever forget them. Spread over four equally astounding CDs, this brand-new edition of the series offers tracks from Above & Beyond pres. Oceanlab, Armin van Buuren, Bryan Kearney, BT, Dash Berlin, Jorn van Deynhoven, MaRLo, Protoculture, RAM, Super8 & Tab, and a whole lot more, making sure you won’t miss out on the finest and latest in Trance music.


Shaman’s Trance

// April 24th, 2017 // 3 Comments » // Ambient

“In the Presence of Spirit”
Shamanic, hypnotic, ambient, and rhythmic musical journey. SHAMAN’S TRANCE is a blend of acoustic and electronic instruments and multiple styles featuring Paradiso on Didjeridoo and other exotic instruments such as drums, Tibetan bowls & bells, vocals, and percussion. Paradiso, an initiate of the sacred Sound-Current creates music that catapults listeners into true bliss and the energy of Love. Although suitable for everyday casual listening, this recording is specifically designed to accompany a full yoga class or a massage session. Listening to this music rejuvenates your body on many subtle levels. It’s a melodic, hypnotic, and rhythmic musical journey.
*Ranked number 10 from N.A.R charts*

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State of Trance 2017

// April 7th, 2017 // Comments Off on State of Trance 2017 // EDM

2017 two CD set. When it comes to A State Of Trance, there’s no desire stronger. We need it in order to make the most of life, to fill the gap that would otherwise remain unfilled. To make us want to be in that moment, to have the very essence of our existence looking for that emotion. It’s what we live for. With A State Of Trance 2017, the titans of trance have gathered ´round to show us all that we envision. It is a happy place where we can celebrate music and life, chock-full with exclusive records and emotion-driven cuts from flag-bearers such as Alexander Popov, Armin van Buuren, Estiva, MarLo, Omnia, Orjan Nilsen, Protoculture, Super8 & Tab. The compilation has captured the essence of all we hold so dear, touching us in ways that makes us shine even brighter. If you are part of the movement, you will share it’s beliefs and swear by it’s ideals. Yet, few words are needed to explain the feeling. One phrase says it all. I Live For That Energy.


Ambient House: Dance, Party, Rave Techno Trance Music

// November 22nd, 2016 // Comments Off on Ambient House: Dance, Party, Rave Techno Trance Music // Ambient

Press play and go! Ambient House is all about getting in the mood with awesome tracks and stunning visual effects. Project it big or play it on your own TV, this great audio-visual trip will send you into a deep musical techno trance.

From drum and bass, sub and glitch to trance and techno, the electro groove will have everybody going wild.

Created by an award-winning film and movie Director with the assistance of cutting edge musicians and special effects experts. It has been specially made to work with any music you want to play or with it’s own unique non-stop loop of great popular dance tracks.

Ideal for your party, rave, event or just for playing at home. Ambient House will turn your house into the real thing!

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