Secret Space Program

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Who are we? Where did we come from? Are we alone? Sverre Knut Johansen’s second release on Spotted Peccary Music – SECRET SPACE PROGRAM – focuses a distant lens on some of life’s strangest and possibly most impactful questions, and magnifies those inquiries, communicating through his vast electronic palette of synthesized instruments and sounds. Inspired by the existence of non-terrestrial life, these electro-symphonic compositions unveil a deeply compelling and exciting new character of Johansen’s musical experience. This pristinely choreographed new release navigates between melodic peaks of excitement and dramatic intensity, and deep lush valleys of ambient meditations and subtle introspection. Sixteen tracks filled with soaring pads, sequenced arpeggios, strong melodic piano, perfectly integrated guitars featuring guest artist Børge-Petersen Øverlerr’s signature guitar tones and style, and a complement of unconventional percussion, thrusts this mysterious vision deep into an unfamiliar, emotional landscape. An aura of science fiction flirts with questions of conspiratorial history reminiscent of the X-Files, as the SECRET SPACE PROGRAM investigates our involvement with non-terrestrial intelligence, leaving us to wonder the outcome but with one conclusion: We are not alone.

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Ambient Space

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Ambient Space by Laughingtube

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Space Race

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Hearts of Space: Starflight 1

// October 1st, 2016 // 2 Comments » // Ambient

Track Listings
1. Carillon – Michael Amerlan
2. Invisible Universe 1
3. Invisible Universe 2
4. Rings 3
5. Halley’s 2
6. Milky Way 1
7. Milky Way 2
8. Contemplative Ascent – Michael Amerlan
9. The Other Side – Steve Roach and Kevin Braheny
10. Quiet Friend – Steve Roach