Songs and Dances of Ukraine

// November 14th, 2017 // Dance
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Songs and Dances of Ukraine presents instrumental and choral Ukrainian folk music. The bandura, a Ukrainian stringed instrument similar to a lute, provides accompaniment along with the resheto (tambourine), accordion, cimbalom, and violin. The Ukrainian Bandura Players, along with various guest orchestras, choirs, and soloists, perform in an operatic style heard on romantic songs such as “Evening Song” and “Oh, Maiden, the Frost Rustles.”


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3 Responses to “Songs and Dances of Ukraine”

  1. Andrew T. says:

    Best greatest hits so far! I have about 8 “Greatest Hits” of Ukrainian music in folk, opera, bandura and romantic and others. I think, I have not gone back to check. I am a Ukrainian American and I have been to Ua 4 times now. All that I can say is this album is my favorite by far! The Smithsonian got it right!!! The performances are amazing! Especially the child opera singer. This collection is far and away above all my other ones, some of which have been remastered and put together as “reference…

  2. Jere Armen says:

    Not being of Ukrainian heritage, I have no way …

  3. george ostroushko says:

    The Ukraine at it’s Best