Shiva Moon

// February 11th, 2018 // Electronic Dance Music
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A collection of 6 remixes and 3 previously unreleased compositions, SHIVA MOON fuses the depth and beauty of Indian classical music with the pulsating energy of trance culture. Maneesh de Moor’s loungey remixes bring something new to compositions by Prem Joshua and Manish Vyas, arranging danceable beats with sensitive grooves propelled by Prem Joshua’s sitar and bamboo flute. South Asian gem Sandhya Sanjana contributes her sultry vocals on “Darbari NYC,” “Tangerine Thumri,” and “Saffron Dreams.” Also featuring Manish Vyas on tabla.

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2 Responses to “Shiva Moon”

  1. Sugar Thompson says:

    Rich, Beautiful, and Mesmerizing This CD is something I love to relax to. Its wonderfully rich, Oriental qualities are enhanced by Western touches, and its varying tempos are refreshing to a stressed mind.It has the effect of really GROWING on you, the more you listen to it. The vocals are mostly wordless, and enhance the music as added “instruments” giving even more depth to these original compositions, so beautifully arranged for the various instruments utilized — some traditional Indian and some…

  2. Martin Van Dine says:

    Prem and Maneesh bring yoga soul

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