Selected Ambient Works II

// October 16th, 2017 // Ambient
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3 Responses to “Selected Ambient Works II”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Right from the start, Selected Ambient Works Volume 2 is a strange, challenging listen. Richard D. James has never had qualms about straying from the norms of ambient/techno/electronic music, but this album’s length and weirdness make it nearly inaccessible at first. Aphex Twin defies rhythms and hooks on most of the songs. What’s incredible about an album this vexing is that it still manages to trap you. For me, the songs that initially caught my attention were the atmospherically eldritch…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I first purchased and listened to this album back in 2000. Cannot believe it has been so long – I still listen to this a handful of times per year. The best way I can describe this type of ambient music, is “otherworldly”, “droning”, “alien”. Alot of it is extremely looping, repetetive, ominous and builds to a foreboding crecendo. It will absolutely put you in a trance if you let it. If you remember the scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey when the black monoliths rise from…