Save the Last Dance (2001 Film)

// September 11th, 2017 // EDM
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Save the Last Dance …The soundtrack has no shortage of notable R&B and hip-hop performersJulia Stiles (The Devil’s Own) and Sean Patrick Thomas (Cruel Intentions) star in this romantic musical drama about an interracial couple drawn past cultural barriers and united by music and dance. The soundtrack has no shortage of notable R&B and hip-hop performers. However, as the title Save the Last Dance implies, this is primarily a platform for the art of the slow dance. Rappers Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and the late Notorious B.I.G. (featured as part of 112’s track, “Only You”) represent the harder end of the spectrum (however, Snoop is paired with Q-Tip and Lucy Pearl for a smoother ride than usual). But the dramatic shuffle of the soundtrack’s first single, K-Ci & Jo-Jo’s “Crazy,” represents the best of what’s offered here. Pink’s playful “You Make Me Sick” and Donnell Jones’s “U Know What’s Up” are among the other tuneful highlights. –Rob O’Connor


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2 Responses to “Save the Last Dance (2001 Film)”

  1. SLD says:

    Great soundtrack, one annoyingly censored song I loved the music on this soundtrack, and I am not a regular fan of hip hop or rap. There is one song I LOVE, though – You Can Do It by Ice Cube. The song may be censored in the film (I believe it is, but I’d have to re-watch to be sure), but this track is censored quite a bit. Every cuss word or any possibly offensive word is either omitted entirely, or an annoying slap sound is in it’s place. Honestly, it interfered with my enjoyment of the song. Perhaps this is because I’ve heard it in…