Loveland: Music for Dreaming and Awakening

// November 10th, 2017 // Ambient
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Enter Loveland…a place where time dissolves, and the heart within your heart is awakened, where world music visionary Jai Uttal merges the pulsing beat of the universe with the flowing source of energy through sacred melodies to the Divine. Here, the Grammy┬« Award-nominated multi- instrumentalist and vocalist joins Ben Leinbach to create six extended tracks of evocative compositions that celebrate the breath of life, revel in the power of infinite love, and invite you to deeply experience the numinous.

Also available by Jai Uttal: Yoga for Music and Other Joys and Kirtan! The Art and Practice of Ecstatic ChantJai Uttal was on the bleeding edge of the chant curve. He started singing kirtan in the 1980s and has been incorporating it into his music to such a degree that it’s now his primary musical vehicle. And in a way, that’s a shame. Uttal is possessed of a warm, slightly weathered, and impassioned voice that he wraps around serpentine melodies. But because of that, we don’t get to hear much of his instrumental side. That’s partly remedied on this CD, which is something of a follow-up to Music for Yoga and Other Joys. Taking what was originally a backing track for an instructional meditation CD, Uttal has, with one tragic exception, stripped away the speaking voice, and reconfigured the music into a meditation in sound. There’s plenty of Uttal’s chanting, but it’s all wrapped in the swirling electronic ambiences and slow-trance grooves of Ben Leinbach, the bansuri flute of Manose, and Daniel Paul’s tablas. Instead of chanting, Uttal weaves seductive Robert Fripp-like e-bow guitar lines and dotar improvisations. Tracks like “Bija Mantras” and “Radiance” are as epic as a meditative song can get, although the effect is ruined at the end of “Radiance” by a spoken-word segment that’s strictly for the converted. Except for that, Loveland: Music for Dreaming and Awakening is a definitive deep-space meditation CD. –John Diliberto


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2 Responses to “Loveland: Music for Dreaming and Awakening”

  1. Lia says:

    Magical This is another stunning work by Ben Leinbach and Jai Uttal. Every track is unique in its own right. It is a wonderful accompanyment to a yoga or meditation practice, or to just listen to for a little contemplative quiet time.The tract Loveland is just magical – there is no other word I can use to describe it. It sounds as if something exceptional is happening – it almost gives me goose bumps when I listen to it.The only thing I do not like on the album is the…