// February 9th, 2018 // Electronic

Synthesizer sequences and arpeggios give movement to the deep ambient soundscapes, textures, and nuanced melodies.

Between Interval’s long awaited fifth studio album, LEGACY, is a exploration into the unknown through excursions into electronica, spacemusic, Berlin school, and elements of dub techno. Ten meticulously crafted journeys offer vignettes of the wonders of the universe as humans observe and experience it – internally and externally.

Between Interval is the alter-ego of Swedish electronic artist Stefan Strand, whose mature signature sound of his past catalog is ever present amid new influences and inspirations of sound expression. Synthesizer sequences and arpeggios give movement to the deep ambient soundscapes, textures, and nuanced melodies, while subharmonic bass pulses wait to be discovered.

Further complimenting the experience, LEGACY is presented with package art by acclaimed visual artist Michal Karcz, helping to suggest a sense of the context to the project without defining too much of the artist’s intention for the work. Stand explains, ‘I always want the listeners to make up their own stories and pictures while listening to my music. Hence I really don’t want to explain my own thoughts in too much detail, since I don’t want to limit or lock in the musical experience in a particular direction. The more imagination spurred from my music, the better. That being said, for me this album is really a journey. Whether it’s an inner spiritual journey, a journey through space or to various mysterious locations on our earth, it doesn’t really matter – it’s up to the listener to decide.’

LEGACY is about exploring our future, discovering something new, perhaps finding a space called home. It is also about growing as a spiritual being in the process, a process of constant change, much like life itself.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Back in the days when masterworks such as “Radio Silence”, “Secret Observatory” or “Autumn Continent” were released, I was always considering Stefan Strand (actually these gems were recorded under his previous family name J├Ânsson) as a Swedish wunderkind. Yeah, we are moving back to the years 2004-2006. Followed by another impressive work “The Edge Of A Fairytale” in 2009, Stefan Strand has then disappeared for 8 years. However, the long wait is finally over…

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