Latin Ballroom Dance: Merengue

// November 20th, 2017 // EDM
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Merengue is a type of lively, joyful music and dance that comes from the Dominican Republic, and is that country’s national dance. It is by far the easiest ballroom dance to learn, because you can move on nearly any beat!


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  1. David A. Baer says:

    easy street Compilations of tunes that are assembled to support beginning dancers in their instruction vary wildly with regard to the quality of the artists and the adequacy of the recording technology. This selection from the BALLROOM LATIN DANCE series excels on both counts.Nine tunes average about four-and-a-half minutes each, long enough for the dance student to get into the rhythm and movement of a piece. It’s beautiful music for pure listening too, and that comes from a reviewer who is…

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