Fac Dance

// November 12th, 2017 // EDM

2011 two CD set containing rare remixes from the Factory Records label’s most popular period, 1980-87. For Fac. Dance, the focus is on some of the label’s early output, narrowing in on some key dance floor cuts that comprise some favorite 12 inches and late night classics. This compilation features involvement from some of the label’s key participants, including iconic designer and cover artist Peter Saville. Includes cuts from The Durutti Column, Section 25, A Certain Ratio, Blurt, Quando Quango and many others.


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3 Responses to “Fac Dance”

  1. Donald E. Gilliland says:

    Mixed Bag, Mixed Results A nice collection, especially if you are a Factory Records completist, but this is such a mixed bag of dance styles, and a mixed bag as far as quality, that if you are like me, you’ll be skipping some of these tracks, or lose patience trying to make it through some of the longer mixes. If you enjoy every track on here, you have broader tastes than I do. Also, some of these songs have not aged well since they were recorded in the 1980s, but on the other hand a few of these tracks still sparkle…

  2. elektrolad says:

    Not all tracks as on cd version. Since Amazon nor Strut Records had the lp tracklisting available here it is:Section 25 – Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix 8:12A Certain Ratio – Wild Party 4:17Blurt – Puppeteer 3:22Quando Quango – Atom Rock (Mark Kamins Mix) or (New York Remix) 7:2752nd Street – Cool As Ice (Jellybean Mix 7:29Royal Family & The Poor – Art On 45 4:49Swamp Children – You’ve Got Me Beat 4:55X-O-Dus – See The-A-Come 8:28The Durutti Column -…

  3. Ceecoursian says:

    Great collection of Factory History