Death Ambient

// January 12th, 2018 // Ambient
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Death Ambient teams three of the world’s most exciting improvisers in a fascinating album that blurs styles and smashes genres in a dark world of unusual sounds and unorthodox techniques. Bassist Kato Hideki was an original member of Ground Zero, has recorded with his own group Bass Army, and is a frequent collaborator with Tenko, Haino Keiji and Zeena Parkins among others. Ikue Mori has developed a personal and innovative technique of playing samplers triggered by adapted drum machines. A member of the legendary No-Wave trio DNA (with Arto Lindsay), Mori has recorded with Death Praxis (with Tenko), Vibraslaps (with Catherine Jauniaux), Ursa’s Door (with Zeena Parkins) and many others. Fred Frith is one of the most important and influential guitarists in rock and improvisational music of the past three decades. He was a founding member of Henry Cow and the Art Bears in the early ’70s, and played with Skeleton Crew, Curlew, Cassiber, Massacre, Material, the Golden Palominos, French Frith Kaiser & Thompson, Naked City, The Residents, John Zorn, Rene Lussier, and Derek Bailey, among others.


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2 Responses to “Death Ambient”

  1. Eric Ruffing says:

    Five Stars

  2. Lord Chimp says:

    music for your darkest dreams. This album is strange in that it is so dark and evil sounding, yet very beautiful all at once. Sonically, the album is slow, ever-changing atmospheric (not exactly ambient, necessarily) improvisations where it is difficult to discern which sounds come from which instruments. The range and diversity of sound is surprising, but then again this group is made up of some of the prime innovators on their respective instruments: it is all Fred Frith (guitar), Kato Hideki (bass), and Ikue Mori (drum…

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