Dance Dance Revolution Third Mix

// November 12th, 2017 // EDM
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Music Used in the ‘dance Dance Revolution’ Computer Game in the Various Mix Levels. Includes Popular Tracks from Tavares, E-rotic, Kate Project, Technotronic, Joga, Captain Jack and Many More.


3 Responses to “Dance Dance Revolution Third Mix”

  1. Jade Phoenix says:

    This music is my addiction What can I say? I spend an average of at least fifteen dollars a week playing this game for many reasons. Not only do I get a complete workout, the music just rawks my sawks. That’s why I decided I had to throw in my two cents about this CD.I ordered this CD like, a few days ago. I can’t wait to get it. This CD is one you can listen to for hours at a time, while never getting tired of the songs. I’m hooked on Dam Dariram and Upside Down [they’re also fun to dance to at the arcade],…

  2. Michael E. Rank says:

    Have You Had Your Breakfast Today?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I originally purchased this soundtrack from an importer when I heard it was coming out. And I was far from disappointed. It quickly replaced the 2nd Mix soundtrack that hardly left my CD player.This soundtrack collects the songs from the incredibly popular dancing game of the same name. It’s huge over in Japan, where they’re almost ready to release the 5th mix of the game, and thankfully it’s finally finding its own here in the states. The soundtrack features import stars, as well as…