// January 5th, 2018 // EDM

1. Black Sand
2. Places Of Light
3. Brainticket Part I
4. Brainticket Part II


3 Responses to “Cottonwoodhill”

  1. Daniel P. Cochran says:

    Wild! This is NOTHING like any other album I’ve heard! It has a split personality; the first two tracks seem to have a far-out, more laid-back feel, while the last two are like a bad trip. Dawn Muir’s spoken-word vocals seem to create sharply divided opinions. On the first two songs, her voice is heavily distorted with a Leslie. You hear the real voice on the other two. On Brainticket 1, her vocalizing is somewhat dreamy, even though that dream gets a bit rough! On Brainticket 2, she goes into full…

  2. Bill Your 'Free Form FM Print DJ says:

    insane This is basically LSD inspired poetry, recited over an organ and rythm section playing funk grooves. And it doesn’t sound like the acid ingestie is having a lot of fun. “Sex, of course you have sex, you have no choice.”The album maintains this consistancy throughout, and is probably the closest you’ll ever get to a “trip” on record.The concept is great and so is the music, for the most part. At times the band sounds a little thin. Brainticket used a lot of one chord…

  3. Reviewer #25 says:

    It’s more like a jazz / musique concrète

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