Life After Death by King of the Brooklyn Biggie Smalls

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Life After Death by King of the Brooklyn Biggie Smalls

The King of Brooklyn, Biggie Smalls, busted through with an instant hip-hop classic on his first album, Ready to Die, but he outdid even his standard on Life After Death, an audible, posthumous autobiography about the life of the former dope dealer. The 2 CD set revels in death, especially on “Niggaz Bleed,” “Somebody’s Gotta Die,” and “You’re Nobody (‘Til Somebody Kills You),” but it’s painfully clear that this chestnut-cheeked, fun-loving father of two wanted to see his kids grow up on “Sky Is the Limit” and “Miss U,” both of which point to the future. The album also serves as a testament to Biggie’s flexibility: he adopts Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s rapid rhyme flow and Midwestern beats when they guest on “Notorious Thugs,” he positively bounces on both “Mo Money Mo Problems” and “Going Back to Cali” (guesting Eazy Mo Bee), and even kicks it Wu-Tang style when RZA shows up for “Long Kiss Goodnight.” –Asondra R. Hunter

Product Features

  • Record Label: Bad Boy
  • Catalog#: 8612730112
  • Country Of Release: NLD
  • Year Of Release: 2004
  • Notes: W/Mase/Puff Daddy/Jay-Z/L.O.X./A.O.

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Spin 20 Years of Alternative Music Original Writing on Rock, Hip-Hop, Techno

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Spin: 20 Years of Alternative Music: Original Writing on Rock, Hip-Hop, Techno, and Beyond

Twenty years ago, SPIN magazine began with the promise to feature uncompromising writing about the music that was turning on/freaking out the Reagan generation. Through the introduction of MTV and the alternative rock revolution, it’s been many things. Rude. Brilliant. Soulful. Snotty. Angry. Delirious.

In the past two decades, genres have spawned like mad, from goth, indie rock, and gangsta rap to emo and the garage rock revival. This twentieth-anniversary tribute celebrates the passion and fury of the music, with original essays, quotes, and photographs by contributors who are as hopelessly obsessed with it as you are.

SPIN: 20 Years of Alternative Music features: Alan Light on Beastie Boys, Ann Powers on U2, Charles Aaron on R.E.M., Dave Eggers on The Smiths + Morrissey, Marc Spitz on Goth, Simon Reynolds on Depeche Mode + Synth-pop, Dave Itzkoff on ’80s Teen Movies, Chuck Klosterman on Weezer, Will Hermes on Radiohead, Neil Strauss on Nine Inch Nails + Industrial, Sacha Jenkins on Public Enemy, Andy Greenwald on Emo, RJ Smith on Gangsta Rap, Jon Dolan on The White Stripes, Chris Norris on Nirvana, Doug Brod on Oasis + Britpop, Jim DeRogatis on Smashing Pumpkins, Laura Sinagra on Courtney Love, Ta-Nehisi Coates on Tupac

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Justin Timberlake Performs Mirrors Live on the Ellen Show

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Ellen Degeneres is very fond of Justin Timberlake and spent a lot of time with him the other day on her show.

In addition to being a guest Justin performed 2 songs with the Tennessee Kids from his latest release the 20/20 Experience.

Justin Timberlake performing Mirrors Live on the Ellen Show April 2013.

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Justin Timberlake performing Pusher Love Girl on the Ellen Show April 2013

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More Justin Timberlake Live Performances on video – from 20/20 Experience and more.

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Suit and Tie Live on SNL Saturday Night Live

JT 20/20 Experience Reviewed:

The music industry has changed.

Every artist is the most exposed and therefore try their best to continue to reach the great masses by hiring times quickly integrated mainstream producers, press the radio-friendly beats in radio-friendly unit productions. Justin Timberlake defies this trend, however.

On his third studio album The 20/20 Experience you can hardly find a song under 5 minutes. And that actually this (still not really) radio-friendly brevity, trimmed, sound in comparison to the 7-8 minute long songs rather flat and unfinished.

Justin Timberlake took time time. Are six years between the World Success Futuresex / LoveSounds and album number 3, but the vast majority of the 12 songs on The 20/20 Experience in the truest sense of the word experience, namely sound experience – not only for the production of the album.

Some are playful sound effecte effecte and rows to make the songs sound extremely interesting and exciting. You can hardly see through the sound and sonic texture the first time. It takes time. You have to listen properly.

Admittedly, this is no longer the trend. Many people seem to have no patience to listen properly to get involved in something real. Just as is the new trend. It searches for the next Instanthit and is already rather with the first chorus.

Hence, one must congratulate Justin Timberlake. Not only because he has apparently re-invented again, but because he has delivered an album that wants to be discovered and explored. It challenges the audience and reminds us that music does not have to remain superficial.

For those who have already written off Justin, it should be noted that The 20/20 Experience is designed as a double album.

The first half, that is, the first 10 songs we have already received. In the fall of 2013, the second half of the 20’s experience appears.

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