Shadow Country

// July 3rd, 2017 // Comments Off on Shadow Country // Electronic

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Being Of Light

// June 28th, 2017 // Comments Off on Being Of Light // Electronic

Seasoned veterans of the ambient and deep-experiential electronic music, Howard Givens and Craig Padilla return to their soul-searching quest for expressing a symbiosis of music and contemplative self-examination and enlightenment with their new studio release BEING OF LIGHT. This latest work, comprised of four tracks, one of which approaches long-form in style, conveys even more than with their previous highly-regarded LIFE FLOWS WATER release, their interest in harmonic color and dense viscous texture, extracted from an expansive palette of electronic and acoustic instruments and elements. Similar to that prior work though, is their intention to solidify a connection between the inner being within all of us and the abstract expression of the state of awareness that comes through discovery of that pure essence. This new release is a topology of energy rather than physical environment, emphasizing a more visceral enveloping experience. BEING OF LIGHT is single point of light, solitary and self-aware, yet melded into the sum of all light, complete in the totality of one existence.

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