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Moiseyev Dance Ensemble from Monitor Records

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  • Medieval Dance Music

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    Medieval literature abounds with references to dancing, yet less than fifty dances are documented before 1400 A.D. and still survive today. Much of the music performed by medieval minstrels was improvised and often performed with a combination of instruments such as the oud (lute)and the rebec which were introduced to Europe by Arabs as early as the 8th century. By Drawing on tradition and reproduced using combinations of reconstructed medieval instruments and eastern instruments virtually unaltered since the middle ages, the aim of this album is to recreate the essence of medieval dance music and the exciting art of the medieval minstrel.


    Dance Music

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    Cher Live: The Farewell Tour

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    Nearly two dozen live tracks from her 2002 tour! Cher revisits classics and new favorites: Bang Bang, a Sonny & Cher medley, All or Nothing, Believe, Strong Enough, If I Could Turn Back Time, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For , and many more, as well as behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and more! 2003/color/91 min/NR/widescreen.If her 2002 tour really was her last–and after being “an evil frickin’ diva for 40 frickin’ years,” as she puts it, she just might mean it–Cher has definitely left us something to remember her by. In the course of this 92-minute concert (plus loads of extra features), she wears enough different costumes and wigs to outfit a small (if rather odd) town, surrounds herself with dancers and acrobats galore, shows clips from her old TV series, and even plays all the roles in a delightful mini-version of West Side Story (one of the extras). Oh, and she sings too, covering everything from the Sonny & Cher years to her early solo career and her renaissance as a disco diva via “Believe.” Bottom line: The Farewell Tour is a dynamic, sometimes silly, always entertaining show. As Cher herself notes, Britney, J-Lo, and all the others have a tough act to follow. –Sam Graham