Heaven & Earth

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Heaven and Earth, the debut release from John Gregorius, is a mixture of acoustic and electric instrumental music that ranges from earthy finger style guitar to ambient textural soundscapes. The easy sound of Heaven and Earth provides a soft cushion in which one can hide away and decompress. However, this is not, by any means, a collection of lullabies as much as it is a grouping of beautifully performed compositions that allow the listener to slow down, feel comfortable, relax and truly appreciate the beauty of lifes often overlooked interludes. The music combines Gregorius love of both the acoustic and ambient electric guitar, and the collision of these two styles results in a wonderful blend of music that is both easygoing and engaging. TRACK LISTING 1. Heaven & Earth (3:41) 2. Mercy (5:49) 3. Sackcloth to Ashes (4:19) 4. Follow Me (5:02) 5. Pearl of Great Price (5:30) 6. Vine & Branches (3:39) 7. Secret to Light (5:14) 8. Debt Undone (3:19) 9. Inner Room (3:20) 10. New Wine (4:08)John Gregorius is a guitarist who has one foot in the world of Windham Hill records and another in the ambient electronics of Brian Eno. His solo debut, Heaven and Earth is a nearly perfect pastoral reverie as he places his acoustic guitar in settings that sometimes swirl and glide like the keening of “Mercy” where finger-style guitar meets a plaintive country-tinged electric over an Enoesque Apollo-era soundscape. World music hand percussion purrs gently in the background of the title track, while bassist Leo Song deftly emulates the fretless bass sound of former Windham Hill house bassist, Michael Manring. “Secret to Light” works as a meeting ground of Will Ackerman and space music. Ambient atmospheres, growling electric guitar textures and rolling drums straight out of Pink Floyd’s “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun” lift this track to the skies. Minimalist loops send “Pearl of Great Price” into a meeting of Ambient Americana and Indian music, with udu drum and a guitar lead that sits between languid country blues and Indian raga. John Gregorius is an acoustic player with an understanding of electronics and ambience. He’s found a perfect balance between the two, strung halfway between heaven and earth. — John Diliberto

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THREAD is a collection of nine improvised pieces by Theo Travis and Robert Fripp. It was recorded at DGM sound world by David Singleton, with later editing/mixing and mastering by Steven Wilson. The collaboration has yielded a very beautiful sequence of recordings that neatly avoid many of clich├ęs routinely associated with terms such as “ambient” and “improvised”, while encompassing the core elements of both forms of music.


Celestial Touch

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Celestial Touch is the fourth release of soothing music from 3-time Emmy award winning engineer/composer Ray Leonard. His music has been described as among the warmest, most sincere and compassionate music recorded in the new age music genre during the.Ray Leonardo.2005.


Ambient 1 / Music for Airports

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Out-of-print in the US. UK reissue of this 1978 album from the esteemed British composer, producer and musician, who has been credited with single-handedly creating Ambient music and helping to inspire multitudes of Punk, Glam, New Romantic, New Wave and Post-Punk outfits since the mid ’70s. Virgin. 2009.