Body Music

// September 13th, 2017 // EDM
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Body Moves is the debut album from BBC Sound of 2013 runners up and BRIT Awards Critics’ Choice Award nominees Aluna George. Aluna is vocalist Aluna Francis, George is producer George Reid. The R&B-influenced, electronic pop album includes the single “Attracting Flies”.


2 Responses to “Body Music”

  1. Madeline says:

    Modern Take on 90s Pop/R&B for Mostly Positive Results AlunaGeorge is a British duo focused on pairing modern electronic with 90s pop/r&b. Singer Aluna Francis has a almost childlike voice, very reminiscent of 90s girl bands like TLC with touches of Kate Nash and Ellie Goulding. George Reid is the man behind the music, crafting minimal yet catchy beats that both highlight as well as save Aluna sometimes. As a proud child of the 90s, this music is both familiar as well as fresh–with several standout pop gems like “You Know You Like It” and…

  2. Sarah P says:

    Obsessed! this is basically my favorite album ever, right now. i heard one song of hers on the radio, liked it enough to look it up on youTube (doesn’t take much for me, ha) and from THERE i started listening to all of her s***, plus her cd being on youTube–DEFINITELY wanted to OWN it and support her, so i bought it hardcopy, which also adds a digital version to my kindle. HAPPY with it!!! listen to it basically all the chances i get, all day : ] the meanings behind/around the songs keep changing for me…