Banks of Eden

// September 9th, 2017 // Prog Rock
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Limited double vinyl LP pressing includes bonus double CD edition. After five years of absence, progressive rock band The Flower Kings return with Banks of Eden. Led by mastermind Roine Stolt (Transatlantic), the material is classic Flower Kings, with all the dreamy, melodic and cinematic elements that fans around the globe have learned to love over the years. However, the 2012 incarnation of the band mixes it up with both psychedelic and darker metal passages that place this album somewhere in between the late 60’s proto prog and the new generation of art rock.


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2 Responses to “Banks of Eden”

  1. applewood says:

    Excellent Music! I’m new to The Flower Kings, so take this as an outsider’s (and old fart’s) view. I’ve only recently come across this Swedish prog band, (the only other thing I’d heard was their first , which frankly I was not overly impressed with – good, but too derivative sounding, although probably something I’d have enjoyed a lot more as a teen), yet my second impression of them with this latest recording is…

  2. timothy white says:

    Great stuff from the Kings Maybe one day I’ll stop handing out 5-star reviews for anything related to the F.K.s, but as long as they’re making excellent music, along with excellent vocals(swedish accents aside), I will continue to rate them very high. As a rule, I generally give an album three listens before I pass judgement on it. Some of my favorite albums took a few listens before I started to “get it”, and this one is no different. The first time I heard the first track”numbers”, I was underwhelmed,…