Ambient Monkeys

// January 16th, 2018 // Ambient
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Digitally Remastered. Contains the Pre Concert Music Atmosphere from the 1997 European Tour. Studio Tracks.

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3 Responses to “Ambient Monkeys”

  1. Megarat says:

    In the Top One Percent of Weird As always the odd one out here. I have purchased CDs full of ambiance sounds of nature. There was a popular Puerto Rico “Sounds of Nature” I acquired in the late 90s where there was a 90 minute array of nothing but sounds of the island. I swear someone must’ve put a tape recorder in the middle of “El Yunque” forest just to record what went on. Unsure what time of the day this was, but since it rains every 20 to 30 minutes in the rain-forest there was a lot of rain sounds and…

  2. Anonymous says:

    So … in the winter of 2007 I was conscripted to help organize my workplace’s holiday party. Among other responsibilities, I was tasked with finding some music to play over the P/A system, as background. Because of the multicultural environment (this wasn’t a “Christmas” party, after all, but a “holiday” party), the P.C. managers encouraged me to not choose actual holiday music, just music that was nicely festive and/or, at worst, ignorable.Imagine if you will:…

  3. Anonymous says:

    TD should have been punished for releasing this mess knowing full well there are diehard fans who will gobble up everything related to TD. Yes, I agree that a fool & his money are soon parted. But some responsibility of the scam must be borne by the perpetrator. A perusal of the other reviews will clue you in as to the content of this abomination. I am simply adding my 1-star review so as to hasten the sinking of this CD into obscurity. TD, specifically EF, went on a streak of re-releasing all…